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Interest Rate Announcement

The Monetary Policy Committee meets today to decide if interest rates should remain at 5.25%. As mortgage holders, this is an important decision that affects the cost of your home loan.

There are positive signs that rates may stay put this month. Keeping the rate static would continue supporting mortgage holders like you. It would maintain affordability while the economy navigates ongoing challenges.

The Bank of England’s key focus is controlling inflation. Prices have increased recently, driven by external factors like supply chain costs. However, inflation may now be reaching its peak. If it starts to fall in coming months, the Bank could feel less pressure to hike rates.

Wage growth is also outpacing inflation. This leaves more money in people’s pockets to cover rising prices. As mortgage holders, it means your household budgets have a bit more breathing room. This also reduces the need for imminent rate rises.

Global factors, like the war in Ukraine, do threaten economic stability. But the Bank seems unlikely to react with a rate change today. We may see them take a ‘wait and see’ approach instead.

So while nothing is guaranteed, there are logical reasons why interest rates could remain at 5.25% after today’s announcement. This decision would maintain affordability for mortgage holders like you. It would support the economy while managing risks responsibly.

Of course, as your broker, we are ready to help if rates do go up. We will seek the best new deal to minimise costs. But for now, let’s stay optimistic that today’s decision may keep interest rates steady. That would allow you to budget confidently and continue repaying your mortgage comfortably.

Please let us know if you need any support regarding your mortgage. We are always here to help you make informed, responsible borrowing decisions.

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